An Announcement of a Trip

An Announcement of a Trip


Boys and girls,

May I have your attention, please? There will be several visits to different places on April 8. Each person can choose one of the following places to go to — a factory, a farm, or a university. There are threre pieces of paper here, each with one of the places written on them. Please sign your name under the place you would like to visit. Register today before 4:00 p.m. so that we can have enough time to arrange buses and lunch. Everyone is welcome, but no more than 50 people can go to the same place.

Those who go to the farm will set out after breakfast at eight and the others will start off at half past eight. Lunch will be served at the destinations. We will visit each of the places in the morning and have a talk with workers, farmers, or university students after lunch. We plan to come back in the late afternoon. That’s all. Thank you!

Tips: There are Chinese translations here, but they are hidden. you need to leave your own translation or other content in the comment box and Refresh to view it.

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So, do you like this essay? :

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