China traffic rules-Be Safety

China traffic rules-Be Safety

Every year a lot of people are killed or injured in road accidents. How can we make crossing roads safer? It is fairly necessary to remember the following China traffic rules.

First, when you ride a bike, keep to the right side of the road. Second, do not cross the road or turn left at a red traffic light. Third, give a hand signal if you want to turn or stop. Fourth, before crossing the road, stop and look around. If the road is clear, it is safe to cross. Finally, the correct way to cross is to walk quickly, but not to run, because if you run across the road, you may fall down.

What’s more, if you see small children or old people waiting to cross the road, it is a kind deed to help them cross in safety. We should teach small children not to play or ride on the roads.

Always obey traffic rules, and you ‘ll find it much safer to walk or ride on the road.

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