Do you like firecrackers? Ban on firecrackers

Do you like firecrackers? Ban on firecrackers

Most of us may still hold a happy memory in our minds: when we were young, the Spring Festival was celebrated with the company of the flaming sparks and the loud explosions of firecrackers. But because of the numerous disasters caused by them, governments in some big cities have completely banned the firecrackers in the downtown areas.

Some people are sad about this decision. They argue that they will lose the tradition of the Spring Festival. Regardless of the fires and the damage to human bodies caused by firecrackers, they only focus on the pleasure firecrackers can bring about.

With the development of the modern society, more and more changes will take place in our lives, some of which may be great challenges against the traditions, but we should support the government’s policy under the consideration of the whole society. What’s more, upon stepping into the new century we should celebrate the Spring Festival in a more civilized way.

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