How to Preserve Eyesight

How to Preserve Eyesight

Many middle school students suffer from various eye diseases. They are either nearsighted, farsighted, or are suffering from tired eyes. The percentage of students suffering from vision problems rises as they go up the school grades.

Many factors contribute to this problem. Too much reading can harm students’ vision. Watching too much TV, and playing computer games, while doing little exercise also contribute to this problem. Improper lighting in classrooms is also a major cause of bad eyesight. As students grow older, vision loss must be taken into serious consideration.

How should students preserve their eyesight? Firstly, doing eye exercises regularly can be of help to their eyesight. And students should rest their eyes as often as possible while reading. Secondly, they should have regular eye checks. Thirdly, a healthy diet can help protect students’ vision. Many fruits and vegetables help keep the eyes healthy.

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