How to write a Farewell Speech in Chinese

 How to write a  Farewell Speech in Chinese

Dear friends and colleagues,

How time flies! One year has passed since Mr. Smith came to our school to teach English. Now he has completed his work successfully and will leave for home tomorrow.

Mr. Smith is very earnest in his teaching work and very strict with his students. At the same time, he is always very kind and never tired of helping us in our English studies. His teaching is so lively and interesting that we can easily understand and remember what he teaches us. We all like to attend his lectures. Listening to his lessons is very enjoyable.

Now I will, on behalf of all the students, express our great gratitude to Mr. Smith for his remarkable and excellent work. We wish him a pleasant journey and good health.

Tips: There are Chinese translations here, but they are hidden. you need to leave your own translation or other content in the comment box and Refresh to view it.

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Gökçe Canımoğlu
Gökçe Canımoğlu
4 months ago
So, do you like this essay? :

uuuuhh now we are hitting somewhereee!! Thank you it’s helpinggg

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