My Hometown-Jingzhou

My Hometown-Jingzhou

My hometown, Jingzhou, is a famous historic city, located in the northern part of Hubei Province. The weather there is quite favorable for it’s quite near the Changjiang River. The most important thing is that it was the ancient battlefield during the period of the Three States. Even today, you can still find the great walls built in that period. Though the city is not big, it has a long history and many tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of some famous historic scenic spots, for many of them have appeared in the poems of some ancient poets.

In the past, Jingzhou appeared very old. The streets were rather narrow, many historic relics were not well protected and some of them were even damaged. But recently the government has taken some effective measures to change this. Great changes have taken place in my hometown. The ancient city is becoming a modern one.

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9 months ago
So, do you like this essay? :

I thought your hometown is very beautiful! Look how beautiful you are!

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