Panda in Beijing Zoo suffers baldness, What Happened?!

There are no small matters when it comes to pandas(大熊猫,dà xióng māo) in China, even if it is a tonsure on a panda’s head. Panda in Beijing Zoo suffers baldness, What Happened?!

Panda in Beijing Zoo suffers baldness, What Happened?!

Panda in Beijing Zoo suffers baldness, What Happened?!

Chinese netizens flooded on to social media platforms on Tuesday to express worries as media reported that a 3-year-old panda named Fu Xing(福星) in the Beijing Zoo(北京动物园,běi jīng dòng wù yuán) is suffering from a tonsure on his head for an unclear reason(不明原因,bù míng yuán yīn).

The tonsure is about the size of two one-yuan coins(硬币,yìng bì), according to a video on The Beijing News Sina Weibo account. The diameter(直径,zhí jìng) of a one-yuan coin is 25 millimeters.

The zoo has used medicines on the panda, and new hair started to grow again. Zookeepers(动物管理员,dòng wù guǎn lǐ yuán) also arranged two experts(专家,zhuān jiā) to further check the problem, the Beijing Daily reported(报道,bào dào) on Tuesday, after the panda’s baldness(秃头,tū tóu) became a hot topic on social media platforms.

But the reason for the tonsure on Fu Xing’s head is still unknown, media reported citing the zoo.

Zhang Chenglin, director of the Beijing Zoo, told the Beijing Daily that they had noted(注意,zhù yì) the problem for a while and had taken measures(采取措施,cǎi qǔ cuò shī) including body checks(体检,tǐ jiǎn), house checks, and some other preventive measures.

Zoologists will analyze the results thoroughly and release the conclusion(结论,jié lùn) as soon as possible, Zhang said.

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