Returning Library Books

Returning Library Books

Mei-mei likes reading books. She often borrows books from the school library. Though she likes reading, she doesn’t take care of her books. She throws them everywhere, on the table, on the ground, even under her bed. Her roommates often remind her of this, but she turns a deaf ear to them. Not until yesterday did her bad habit bring her great trouble.

It was the deadline for two books. She looked everywhere but failed to find them. When her roommates came back and learned that, they began to help her look for the books in the room. Twenty minutes passed without any result. Mei-mei cried helplessly. It was 4:30 and Mei-mei had to go to the library, for it closed at 5. As soon as she told the story to the librarian and asked for an extra day with tears, the librarian looked at her with surprise and said, ” What a careless girl! You returned them yesterday! Don’t you remember?”

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