I Like to Take Part in The English Corner

I Like to Take Part in The English Corner

The English corner organized by the English Club is one of the school activities I like to attend most. The English corner is usually held in the school garden at 4:00 every Tuesday afternoon when it is fine and warm; if it is cold and wet, we’ll have it in the Teaching Building Hall.

The last English corner impressed me the most. Five American students who are studying at Beijing University of Languages, were invited to take part in our activity last Tuesday. Jenny, one of them, gave us a  talk on education in the USA and David made a speech on the American way of life. Both of their talks were so full of wits and humor, that everyone present kept laughing and clapping. After that, there was free talk. Two hours passed in our talking and laughing, then it was time for us to say good-bye to our  American friends. We saw them off at the school gate and hoped that they would come for our English corner again if they had time.

The English corner gives us a chance to talk with each other in English, to talk with foreigners whose native language is English, and to talk with English professors and experts. What a wonderful experience! I like it very much.

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9 months ago
So, do you like this essay? :

Yes, I like to attend the language corner too, it’s a exercise for me to learn language!

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