What Can We Do for Our School?

What Can We Do for Our School

Hello everyone,

It‘s nice to talk about what we can do for our school, and I think each of us can do something.

In the first place, we can make our school clean and beautiful. Instead of throwing rubbish all over the place, we should throw it into dustbins. And we must clean our school everyday so that it stays tidy. And we should plant as many trees as possible to make our school more beautiful.

Secondly, we should take good care of our school facilities. Last Friday afternoon, a group of boys played football on the school path after school. One of them kicked the ball so hard that it broke a school window. The school teachers had it repaired at the weekend, because they didn’t want their students to study in a cold classroom the next Monday. I think only when we love our school facilities can we have a happy school life.

Thank you for listening!

Tips: There are Chinese translations here, but they are hidden. you need to leave your own translation or other content in the comment box and Refresh to view it.

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