A Good Lesson

A Good Lesson

Have you ever experienced a disaster caused by carelessness? I am always careless with what I am doing. My mother warns me of the dangers, but I turn a deaf ear to her words. However, a fire once gave me a good lesson and made me correct my shortcomings of carelessness.

One day my parents were out so I decided to prepare lunch for myself. As I was cooking in the kitchen, the telephone rang. I went to answer the call immediately. It was my close friend, Linda. We were talking and talking on the phone when the fire alarm sounded. I ran back to the kitchen, finding the room was full of smoke and the food was badly burnt. I quickly turned off the gas, opened all the windows, and then went out of the house. To my surprise, two fire engines were outside my house. One of my neighbors called the fire brigade. I told the firemen it was my careless cooking that caused the heavy smoke. I was quite ashamed of myself and made up my mind to be careful with whatever I do from then on.

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