A Picnic In the Countryside

A Picnic In the  Countryside

Last week we went to the countryside to have a picnic. We bought some sandwiches, fruit, and water for lunch. We started out quite early before there was too much traffic. After two hours’ driving, we came to a nice place. It was at the foot of a hill and near a river, with some large trees beside it. As it was a very hot day, we parked the car under a big tree and went for a swim in the river. The water was refreshing. After having a swim we had lunch in the cool shade under the trees.

Then we went for a  walk. We saw some beautiful birds and butterflies. After walking for about an hour we returned to the car. However, we couldn’t get the car started. Finally, we had pushed the car off the road and wait for help. Of course, the car’s breaking down spoilt our picnic in the end!

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