I am from China. English is now a universal language, so I want to improve myself and develop my horizons by learning English. Similarly, Chinese is also loved by many countries and people in this world, so I thought, why not combine these two? While learning English, I can help people in many other countries to learn Chinese, improve each other, and make progress together (ps: this is also in line with our country’s values: peaceful coexistence and common development). So, Bang! I made this website. I write some articles in English every day on the website, including diaries, personal feelings, some records, etc. and may also include some hot news (if I have enough time  (/ω\*)……(/ω·\*) ).

Most of the content is relatively simple, you can read one in 5 minutes, and all are written in English with a Chinese translation (ps: If you want to see a Chinese translation, you need to leave your own translation or other comments in the comment box, I think it is more helpful to learn the language through your own translation!).

If you have questions or suggestions, you can leave a comment below and I will reply~


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So, do you like this essay?
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4 months ago
So, do you like this essay? :

This website is great to read and very informative.

Can you post tutorials for learning Chinese?

Haroon Hussain
Haroon Hussain
1 month ago

I want your email.. email me on [email protected]

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