What’s the girl’s room like

What's the girl's room like

Do you want to know what a girl’s room is like? Let me tell you about my room. My room is not big but it is tidy and comfortable.

The desk is near the window on the right. I often study at the desk. When I am tired, I often look out of the window to relax. Beside the desk is a bookcase. I like reading and spend most of my pocket money on books. There is a bed and a big sofa on the left. There is a floor lamp between them.

The walls of my room are white but the ceiling is blue with a cosmetic moon and some stars on it. Every night as I lie on the bed in the dark, I feel as if I am under the sky with the moon and stars twinkling above me. My room is my own free world. I read and study here. I love it very much.

Tips: There are Chinese translations here, but they are hidden. you need to leave your own translation or other content in the comment box and Refresh to view it.

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